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Voters by a lopsided 60-40 percent margin decided to keep the Massachusetts 2011 casino gambling law on the books after a casino industry-financed, multi-million dollar, tightly-focused campaign that highlighted the promise of thousands of jobs and revitalization in two economically depressed cities.

Possible MA Casino Law Repeal Unites Gaming Companies

The Supreme Judicial Court ruled Tuesday that a group rallying against developers building gambling facilities in Massachusetts can place a question on the 2014.

Massachusetts Authorization of a Second Slots Location, Question 1 (2016).New Jersey New Jersey Allowance for Casinos in Two Additional Counties, Public Question 1.

Massachusetts takes another bite at gambling apple in new

Voters in Massachusetts will get the chance. the Supreme Judicial Court rejected a bid by anti-gambling activists to block a ballot petition backed by.According to, The Massachusetts Expanded Gaming Act of 2011 approved up to three resort casinos and one slots parlor spread across the state. Question 1 would give the Massachusetts Gaming Commission the ability to issue an additional slots-only license, also known as a category 2 license, to an establishment or proposed establishment that is attached to a horse-racing facility.One of the four ballot questions Massachusetts voters will decide this November would expand the state's five-year-old casino gaming law to allow a second.

Voters there rejected the proposal in a non-binding referendum.Question 1 is a flagrant abuse of the ballot question process.Prior to the appearance of Question 1 on the November 2016 ballot, there were three measures on state ballots in previous years dealing with gambling.

Mass. Common Ground. Attorney General Rejects Referendum Petition To Repeal Casino Gaming. Casino Gaming AGO Decision rejecting ballot question 12 7 11.pdf: 2.5.Massachusetts approved legalized gambling three years ago. Massachusetts takes another bite at gambling apple in new referendum.The fight over casino gaming's future in Massachusetts is shaping up to be a multimillion-dollar campaign, with two months to go before voters weigh in on the issue.

Question 1 would have given the Massachusetts Gaming Commission the ability to issue an additional slots-only license, also known as a category 2 license, to an establishment or proposed establishment attached to a horse-racing facility.Expand Slot Machine Gaming;. The Massachusetts Medical Marijuana Initiative,. from the opposing side of the ballot measure: The Massachusetts Medical.

Committee forms to oppose Massachusetts casino ballot question

Ballotpedia provides information about all reported in-kind donations.Measures dealing with gambling qualified for 2016 ballots in New Jersey and Rhode Island.

Opponents of casino gambling in Massachusetts are behind in their efforts to win a referendum Nov. 4, a poll s A new poll in Massachusetts shows that a bare majority.Campaigns in Massachusetts are working today to motivate people to go out and vote.

2016 Massachusetts Ballot Measures - Gambling - Vote Smart

Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court Allows Ballot Question on Gaming Repeal to Proceed.Voters heading to the polls in November will have four ballot. Four ballot questions for Massachusetts. the Massachusetts Gaming Commission from.Question 4 in 1950 sought to create a monthly state lottery in Massachusetts.Subsection (a) of Section 8 of Chapter 23K of the General Laws, as.Casino companies hoping to win licenses in. based casino gambling in the state of Massachusetts has received. to put the issue on the ballot this.

Suffolk Downs itself would have no ownership interest in the proposed casino, and would receive no direct benefit from it.

The actual date through which this information is accurate depends on the campaign finance reporting requirements in this state.

BREAKING NEWS: Casinos WILL be on the ballot. The Massachusetts. giving the people of Massachusetts the right to make their voices heard on gambling.For proposed amendments, one-quarter of the legislature must approve the petition in a joint session—a second round of signatures is not required and does not overrule rejection by more than three-quarters of the legislature.The Committee to Preserve Jobs Associated with Casino Gaming Law filed papers. Under Massachusetts. Committee forms to oppose Massachusetts casino ballot.However, unlike other states, Massachusetts requires additional signatures following legislative inaction on state statutes.The polls above may not reflect all polls that have been conducted in this race.Categories: Pages using duplicate arguments in template calls Massachusetts 2016 ballot measures State ballots, 2016 State Ballot Measure, November 8, 2016 Defeated, 2016 Defeated, November 8, 2016 Gambling, Massachusetts Gambling, 2016 Certified, gambling, 2016 Massachusetts 2016 ballot measures, certified Initiated statute certified for the 2016 ballot Ballot measure article with polls.

Massachusetts voted Democrat in all five presidential elections between 2000 and 2016.Polling institute director Tim Vercellotti said the survey of 416 likely voters found 41 percent said they would vote to ban casinos with just 6 percent undecided and 1 percent declining to answer.

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